Stack 5251 & Stack 5151 solutions - Revolution 50 series

Empower your new high-speed color inkjet printing system with an efficient cutting/stacking solution. Featuring the double-cutting Cutter c52 or single-cutting Cutter c51, Tecnau’s Stack 5251 and Stack 5151 reliably operate as fast as 590 fpm/180 mpm as enabled by the emerging generation of high-speed inkjet printers.

Cutting and stacking high-resolution print at these speeds requires a stable web of paper with minimal touchpoints. The taut-web Stack 5251 & 5151 never let go of the web, keeping control for reliable production. The Stacker s51 module produces 1-up, 2-up, 2-up merged or 3-up stacks, utilizing a transport technology which matches well to transactional and simple book applications. North/south job offsetting ensures high-speed operation even for consecutive small set/book-block jobs.

Stack 5251 & 5151 feature next generation controls for compatibility with the “Internet of Things” (IoT). The system includes natural-language error reporting on the user screen and onboard diagnostics to help keep the system up and running. IoT options are available for remote monitoring and diagnostics, automatic software updates and preventive maintenance aids.

The system can also be configured with a plow-fold module to efficiently produce short-run digital book printing jobs of varying run lengths including ‘books of one.’ The StreamFolder 5152 operates in-line or near-line at speeds up to 750 fpm / 230 mpm to take full advantage of the emerging generation of high-speed inkjet presses.

StreamFolder 5152 plow-folds the web once or twice along the travel direction, enabling efficient use of a web-fed press at its maximum print width. This folded web is very strong as the paper is up to three times thicker for system reliability (especially for lighter weight papers) feeding through the cutter and stacker. In addition, all modules operate in taut web to generate the exceptionally smooth paper flow required for high-speed operations. Curl is canceled out as the web is folded back onto itself, for reliably flat books. The StreamFolder 5152 also features “north/south job offsetting”, offsetting sets/book-blocks back & forth in the direction of travel to maintain full speed even for multiple consecutive small sets.

The StreamFolder 5152 offers a tack-gluing option to keep loose sheets or signatures together for automated conveying to an inline perfect binder or other finisher, or to maintain book block integrity and registration during manual handling. An optional signature jogger also may be added for excellent signature registration.

Tecnau’s Revolution 50 series is a family of products featuring top speeds, Internet-of-Things (IoT) compatibility, and media flexibility as required in today’s most demanding digital print environments. The complete Revolution 50 series is designed for reliable, continuous non-stop production and lower maintenance costs.
Tecnau offers a complete product portfolio dedicated to paper handling, monitoring, processing and finishing for the digital printing industry. With an extensive line of feeding, cutting and folding systems, quality assurance systems and in-line finishing and converting modules for continuous and cut sheet digital printers, we have solutions essential to every digital print application for Transactional Printing, TransPromo, Direct Mail, Publishing, Graphic Arts, Book on Demand and Short Run. Tecnau products increase productivity, cut labor and paper costs, and even make new applications possible – Tecnau solutions truly empower digital print to help you do more with less.
Tecnau operates today through three main production and R&D centers in Europe (Italy and Sweden) and the United States, a direct sales force and technical support in Europe, US and Asia and a reliable distribution network worldwide.

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